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The most comprehensive software + hardware system at improving indoor air quality in shared spaces


One-Of-A-Kind Live Feedback Loop Treatment

Unlike other systems that exclusively monitor air quality or provide treatments based on arbitrary timers, IntelliSafe systems provide unprecedented intelligence so occupants in every space can benefit from measured & validated healthy air.  Our live feedback treatment loop adjusts treatments based on actual air quality data recorded in realtime.

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IAQ Improvements for Every Space


Highly efficacious and safe air treatment solutions for every room in shared spaces from highly-traffic offices and classrooms, to beautiful theaters and atriums, to large warehouses and industrial settings.  We provide an engineered approach to meet your IAQ improving goals and maximize the health & wellbeing of your people.

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Software Solutions for All Facility Occupants


From our multi-facility dashboard web-app to our QR-scannable occupant-engagement webapp, our multi-tiered approach to monitoring, reports, data, and controls provides vast flexibility and depth-of-access to users from building administrators to guests.  Ensure your system is running optimally with automated component replacement pings, manual treatment activation, schedules, IAQ goals, and so much more.

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Science-Backed and Research-Validated Technologies

In order to ensure safe, efficacious, and future-ready solutions, we exclusively use IAQ technologies that have been tested and peer-reviewed by reputable 3rd party research institutions.  This includes 254nm UVC, Far UVC, HEPA, and Active Carbon filtration.

We will never forgo proper testing and longterm evaluation to jump on the new trends that may result in harm or worse in the future.

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Preferred Ushio Care222 Partner


Together with UVC pioneer Dr. David Brenner of Columbia University, USHIO Care222 has developed the most reliable, trustworthy, and exclusive research-grade Far UVC modules available.  IntelliSafe IAQ is proud to be a Care222 partner by passing USHIO’s highly selective vetting process.

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IntelliSafe Monitors Your Air

Healthy Air Score

Demystify your air quality with our proprietary air grading system based on realtime PM, VOCs, Relative Humidity, Temperature, AQI, and more.

Viral Index

Ensure your treated air isn’t conducive for further growth of pathogens like viruses and bacteria by keeping the Viral Index score low.

Air Quality Index

The Air Quality Index (AQI) of outdoor air provides valuable information about the best way to treat air.  Wildfires in the area? Better keep your windows closed.

Alerts and Hazards

Clear notifications when air quality records unhealthy and dangerous values to maximize occupant safety and IAQ best practices.

And IntelliSafe Treats Your Air


99.99% and greater efficacy against disease-causing viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, mites, and other pathogens.

Allergens & Irritants

Significant reduction of the spores, dander, and irritants that can lead to asthma attacks and hay fever.

Particulate Matter (PM)

Radical removal of the tiny airborne particles which lead to many adverse health effects related to air pollution.


Mitigate risk from the harmful gases emitted from chemical cleaners, fuel emissions, and building materials.

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