Maywood Public Schools

Creating Safer Learning Environments: IntellisafeIAQ Supports Maywood Public Schools in District-Wide Disinfection Efforts

Intellisafe UVC System

Intelli-Safe App

650W and 325W portable UVC disinfection trolleys

Case Sudy

Maywood Public Schools

October, 2022

IntellisafeIAQ is proud to support Maywood Public Schools in their efforts to provide comprehensive district-wide disinfection while reducing their usage of harsh chemicals.  Portable UVC Disinfection devices were provided for large spaces including gyms, hallways, and cafeterias.  In-ceiling air purification devices were installed in the Nurse’s Office to provide extra support to the critically important space.   

Coming Soon: Phase II of this project includes automated between-use restroom disinfection.  Stay tuned to learn more about this implementation. 


Portable UVC Disinfection:  

High powered 650W and 325W portable UVC disinfection trolleys were provided for high-powered rapid disinfection of large spaces.  On-site testing shows that 99.99% efficacy can be achieved in large cafeterias in a matter of 10 minutes.  This automated method of disinfection allows the busy custodial team to focus their efforts in other spaces to ensure schools remain open and accessible during the pandemic.


Air Purification:   

The nurse’s office was equipped with four in-ceiling air purification devices.  Each air purification device includes an LED light and 3-stages of disinfection including two 4-layer HEPA filters and a high-intensity UVC light.  The nurse’s office is now brighter and cleaner than before.   


Our Partner

The installation of the IntellisafeIAQ UVC  system at Kinnelon Public Schools was expertly conducted by our partners at ECS.

Since 1995, ECS has been providing technology solutions nationwide. They are passionate about the services and solutions they offer. Over the years they have earned the reputation as a reliable and honest company that takes pride in each of their projects and tailors solutions to fit each of their customer’s objectives.



“With the research I did, it seems what we really would need in the school (the Pure UVC system) to help us with pathogen elimination…[the Pure UVC system] cuts down in the cost that we are spending on the chemical disinfection right now and it is a proven technology that I’m really happy with.”

Mr. John Montany

Buildings and Grounds Supervisor


Featured Products

Automated Between-Use UVC Disinfection Fixture

  • Combining modern high-end lighting controls with time-tested UVC disinfection science, this fixture provides automated disinfection against exposed surface-level and airborne pathogens.  Commonly implemented in restrooms, elevators, or sports closets, this fixture is pre-programmed to activate between uses when spaces are detected to be vacant.
    • Note: To provide more comprehensive and rapid disinfection, some locations utilized our 2×2 and 2×4 troffers which were programmed for between-use functionality.

2x4 Troffer

  • Rapid on-demand and automated whole-room UVC disinfection treatments provide up to 99.99% disinfection of exposed airborne and surface-level pathogens including viruses, bacteria, and mold spores.  This high-powered UVC fixture is supported by Intelli-Safe™ to ensure deactivation when spaces are occupied, audible annunciation, and a slew of additional safety measures.

Hybrid Troffer

  • For areas with standard ceiling height (8′ – 12′), provides air purification in occupied spaces through 3 layers of filtration (HEPA, active carbon, and high-intensity UVC) and surface + air disinfection in unoccupied spaces through schedule or on-demand via Intelli-Safe™ controls.

Intelli-Safe™ System

  • The backbone to Pure UVC systems allows high degrees of customization through the Pure UVC app while ensuring multiple levels of safety redundancies.  Features include, but are not limited to: scheduling, fixture grouping, sensor sensitivity, sensor-based actions, and optional remote monitoring


    Project Photos

    Maywood Public School

    UVC portable units provide on-demand disinfection for large spaces

    Maywood Public School

    Dual use air-purification and LED fixtures in the nurse’s office

    Maywood Public School

    Training provided for Maywood PS team members

    Maywood Public School

    Use of the 650W portable unit is as simple as a few clicks on the touchscreen.

    Success Stories

    Other Projects

    Joe’s Place Restaurant

    Marengo, Illinois

    Hybrid UVC disinfection devices implemented at Joe’s Place restaurant in Marengo, Il to promote safety for diners and staff members. 

    Anheuser-Busch Brewery

    Newark, New Jersey

    Anheuser-Busch brewery partnered with IntellisafeiAQ for whole-room UVC disinfection in their laboratory. This forward-thinking implementation ensures employee well-being and product safety.

    Allendale Public Schools

    Allendale, New Jersey

    Allendale Public Schools in New Jersey implemented our Intellisafe UVC solutions for their restrooms and nurse’s office, ensuring effective disinfection.

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