Solutions for Every Space

IntelliSafe IAQ Monitor

The beauty and brains behind IntelliSafe’s Treatment Feedback Loop.

Local controls access and realtime air monitoring including:

  • Healthy Air Score
  • Viral Index
  • Particulate Matter (PM2.5 and PM10)
  • Voletile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
  • Relative Humidity & Temperature
  • Air Quality Index (AQI)

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The Hybrid Series

Rapid disinfection, Radical efficacy, Reliable and Safe, Revolutionary.

IntelliSafe’s one-of-a-kind hybrid devices provide radically effective defense against pathogens, allergens, airborne particles, harmful VOCs, smoke, and more by incorporating 4 layers of disinfection technologies including whole-room direct Far UVC, HEPA filtration, high-intensity internal 254nm UVC, and active carbon filtration.

The Hybrid

  • 800 – 1600sqft of air disinfection via internal HEPA, 254nm high-intensity UVC, and Active Carbon filtration with external 222nm treatment
  • Disinfection of surfaces via 222nm UV light
  • Direct feedback with IAQ monitoring
  • 2×2 and 2×4 versions available
  • Pending ETL and Patent
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The Porto

  • 250sqft Coverage
  • Full hybrid functionality
  • Fixed Version: Built for public transport and first responder vehicles
  • Portable Version: Trolley Mount to allow for use anywhere on site

The Upper Hybrid Series

Significant reductions of airborne pathogen threats in large areas.

Our revolutionary hybrid technologies reimagined for large spaces with high ceilings including gyms, atriums, ballrooms, conference halls, and more.  Radical pathogen reduction via 254nm upper air UVC and direct 222nm Far-UVC treatments.

The High Bay Hybrid

  • 4000sqft Coverage
  • Designed for large spaces with high ceilings (15 – 30ft) including gyms, cafeterias, convention halls, and more
  • Air Treatment via 300W 254nm Upper Air with 222nm downlight
  • Downlight Options Include: (2) or (4) 222nm modules, 254nm induction, blank

The Upper Series

Spec-Grade Light Fixtures with Air Disinfection via Invisible UVC LEDs.

Designed for spaces requiring spec-grade lighting solutions like professional sports arenas or aesthetic-forward spaces like theaters and atriums, our upper series combines high-quality downlighting with invisible UVC LED upper air disinfection.

Upper Pendant

  • Spec Grade Cylindrical Downlight with Modular UVC LED Upper Air Treatment
  • Designed for aesthetic-forward spaces with high ceilings
  • Winner 2022 Lightfair Innovation Awards

Upper UFO

  • LED UFO High Bay downlight with LED Upper Air Treatment
  • Designed spaces with high ceilings including warehouses, gyms, and convention halls
  • Comes standard with multiple mounting options
  • Optional wireguard

Protect Your Facility

Whether you’re looking to equip your facility with new germicidal devices, want to incorporate our controls into your existing technology, or enjoy a comprehensive approach, Contact Us to purchase IntelliSafe IAQ solutions for your facility.