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 Monitor and Treat Your Air

IntelliSafe Realtime Feedback Loop

IntelliSafe systems provide unprecedented intelligence so occupants in every space can benefit from measured & validated healthy air.  Our air monitors record realtime data and adjust treatments to address the unique needs of the space.



IntelliSafe IAQ monitor analyzes realtime data

If healthy air threshold is exceeded, fixtures operate in active mode

IAQ monitor continues to analyze indoor air quality

When air is determined healthy, fixtures operate in eco-mode

Multi-Tiered Controls Access

Engagement, access, and control for all access levels of users from administrators to facility guests.

Intelli-Safe IAQ Monitor

On-Site air quality monitors provide realtime data and localized controls for authorized users.

Features Include:

  • Live IAQ Monitoring
  • Realtime Treatment Data
  • Proprietary Healthy Air Score
  • Local Settings and Sub-User Access
  • Local Reports Including Component Replacement Reminders
  • Web-Access Includes AQI Reports

Intelli-Safe Dashboard

Web-Based software provides full access and reporting for authorized users.  

Features Include:

  • Multi-Facility Access
  • Downloadable Reports
  • Historic Data
  • Component Replacement Notifications
  • Universal Settings and Controls

Intelli-Safe Occupant Engagement Web App

Accessed via on-device QR codes, facility guests gain access to the IntelliSafe system.

Features Include:

  • Occupant interaction including heightened treatment requests and reporting of poor quality air
  • Facility confidence boost for occupants
  • System education
  • Customized logos for client and application
  • Flexible functionality based on client needs

Intelli-Safe Commissioning App

Simplify commissioning of systems of all sizes and scopes via the Intelli-Safe App (iOS and Android).

Features Include:

  • Bluetooth Commissioning Device
  • In-Depth Control and Access
  • On-Demand Treatments
  • Scheduling Functionality
  • Comprehensive Safety and Functionality Testing
  • IoT Integrations

Protect Your Facility

Whether you’re looking to equip your facility with new germicidal devices, want to incorporate our controls into your existing technology, or enjoy a comprehensive approach, Contact Us to purchase IntelliSafe IAQ solutions for your facility.